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Hi there, my name is Rob, creator, and operator of Flying Mug Coffee​. The Idea for Flying Mug Coffee came to me in my early twenties after spending several years working as a barista and coffee roaster. The idea was simple and fun; to have a coffee truck similar to an ice cream truck, travel wherever the road would take me, meet amazing people, and serve them outstanding coffee. Originally, I wanted to use a vintage European utility van, but after some research found it to be too arduous to import and convert. I went back to the drawing board and spent a few years looking around at buses, vans, trucks, bikes, carts, tiny house-like structures, and finally came across our little 1973 Roadrunner travel trailer. With the help of numerous friends, family, and the never-ending support of my wife, Kelsey, I spent two years renovating and converting the trailer into a mobile coffee bar. 

What would motivate me to spend countless hours covered in sawdust, breathing fumes, tirelessly crafting and building something based on a whimsical, "fun" idea? 


Passion for coffee. Passion for community. Passion for people and friendships. Flying Mug's mission is to make you a great cup of locally roasted coffee while building a friendship in the process. Whether it's being a part of your wedding day or a special event, we don't just want to serve you, we want to become your friend along the way. We aim to support our local community by serving locally sourced coffee and goods, building our connection with other PNW small businesses. I'm so thankful for your interest in Flying Mug Coffee, and I look forward to the opportunity to connect with you and serve you a great cup of coffee. 


I started my coffee journey in my home town of Boise, ID working for Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters. In 2008 I moved to Washington state where I learned how to roast coffee on a Diedrich IR-3 providing small batch roasts for Red Twig cafe in Edmonds, WA. After seven years of roasting and barista service, I left the Twig following a change of ownership. From there, I went to Fremont Coffee Company which proved to be an overwhelmingly supportive place to be while I pursued building Flying Mug Coffee. 

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